Zsiga Consulting
Dr. Zsiga led one organization to re-energize stakeholders in goal setting, repositioning, publicity and promotion campaigns, and customer and staff development to create 15% annual growth, double revenue, and turn 5 years of losses into 3 years of gain.
A new startup generated customers and referrals to increase managed assets from $0 to $1,700,000.
For another business, he successfully realigned HR, payroll, and accounting functions, including tax reporting, workers compensation, pre-employment physicals and life insurance and retirement benefits.
He has developed educational and procedural manuals, organizational charts, personnel matrixes, performance appraisal tools, personnel policies, EEO and grievance policies and procedures, and mediated employee disputes.
He is always willing to go above and beyond.
... has great technological knowledge and ability ... keeps current with different professional knowledge ... takes time to investigate new research methods and implements them ... a creative teacher ... relentless pursuit of excellence...
Using his leadership experience and scholarly knowledge he offered valuable insights into my work.
I find his character above reproach, his personality engaging, his leadership style consultative but decisive and his ability to work with people in a positive, non aggressive but persuasive manner robust.
             I recommend him to you without question.
Read "Leadership from the Lawn," available on line at https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/279303. Learn how laws of nature are applied to leadership and management principles. Strategies from current research for improving workplace performance, motivation and production are offered in an engaging and understandable style, using easily converted observations of nature and behavior.
He has directed a teen Leadership Training School for over 100 attendees and conducted numerous Skills Institutes and weekend training events, and planned and conducted staff training events on an annual and continuing basis.
In the public relations and customer develop arena, he has planned and conducted campaigns involving print and cable media, and public speaking presentations to large and small groups.
It is no wonder his peers honored him with awards for Operating Budget Management and for Turnaround Management. Contact us today to discuss how Dr. Zsiga can help you.